How Much Would It Cost For a 8 Days Budget Holiday in Seoul, Korea?

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Not exactly super budget Korea Seoul holiday. As much as I want to get the cheapest option I don't want to sacrifice comfort and convenient too much :p

Hope that this Seoul Korea Budget breakdown can help you to get some idea on how much you will spend for Korea / Seoul trip holiday.

Airplane Ticket from Singapore to Seoul
SGD 1660 / USD 1330 (SGD 830 per person)
How to get a cheap ticket from Singapore to Seoul? Here is quick guide

We went this trip to Seoul in December so the price wasn't the beast deal, after looking around we decided to take Vietnam Airlines. Budget airline was more expensive than this and direct flight it was more than SGD 1000.

TIPS: it's good if you can plan few months in advance to get a cheap ticket (SQ during promotion is about SGD 650 for a direct flight).

Take a look at this guide on how to find a cheap airplane ticket

Accommodation in Seoul 
SGD 608 /  USD490 / 7 nights

we searched the accommodation through Airbnb. we stayed in a Hanok house and apartment.
Hanok SGD 242  for 3 nights
Apartment SGD 366  for 4 nights

Transport in Korea
185.700 KRW / SGD 230 / USD 170 (92.850 KRW / per person)

Here is the breakdown:

T-Money Cards
Bus from Airport to Anguk Station
Top-up T-Money
Bus to Nami Island
Nami Island train
Top-up T-Money
Bus to Sokcho terminal
Taxi to Seoraksan
Taxi Seoraksan to Spa
Taxi Spa to Sokcho Terminal
Bus to Seoul
6000 KRW
20.000 KRW
20.000 KRW
30.000 KRW
4000 KRW
20.000 KRW
6.200 KRW
15000 KRW
8000 KRW
6300 KRW
36.200 KRW

ifyou take out the other transport out of Seoul, we only spent 46.000 KRW / 56 SGD (for two people) to move within the city.

232.400 KRW / SGD 286
Secret garden
Siloam Sauna
Nami island entrance
Lotte world
Cable car namsan tower
Seoul tower entrance
Cheoksan Spa
Entry ticket to Seoraksan
Cable car  Seoraksan
16,000 KRW
20,000 KRW
20,000 KRW
78,200 KRW
17,000 KRW
16,200 KRW
40,000 KRW
7,000 KRW
18,000 KRW

503.000 KRW / SGD 620
This amount includes Snack, Soju, etc.  Below is the rough estimation for some of the famous eating place in Seoul for 2 people.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
Wang Bi Jib
Bonjuk Porridge
Uncle grilled saba fish
O´sulloc Tea House
55,700 KRW
62,100 KRW
22,000 KRW
19,500 KRW
16,000 KRW
16,500 KRW

thetotal expenses for air ticket, accommodation, transport, entertainment and meal we spent about SGD 3404 / USD  2750 for 2 people. Please take a note this doesn't include the shopping, cosmetics and gift.

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