Budget Seoul Korea Winter Holiday Itenerary

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Budget Seoul Korea Winter Holiday Itenerary
I'm sharing my Winter Seoul Korea Holiday Trip Itinerary for 8 Days and 7 Nights. we prefer a free and easy holiday compared to a planned trip by travel agent, each has their own advantage and disadvantage.

If you are planning for a holiday to Korea or Seoul set your objective first. Free and easy holiday or travel agent. the first giving you flexibility and adventure, the downside is that you need to do a homework (a lot) and a good planning. The second (going by travel agent) can give you a better coverage of the places that you want to visit because the transport has been arranged.

Here is my Winter  Korea trip itinerary:  

Day 1

07:00 Incheon International Airport
08:00 T-Money, Baggage and WiFi Egg
08:30 Aiport Bus to Anguk Station
10:00 Check-in
10:40 Mukshidonna  (Tteokbokki breakfast) Samcheong-dong
11:30 Changdeokgung Palace (we are late for the tour -_-)
12:15 O'sulloc Tea House
13:20 Changdeokgung Palace, Secret Garden Tour
16:30 Ewha Women's University
17:00 Edae Grilled Chicken Skewer
18:30 Siloam Sauna

Day 2

09:20 Shuttle Bus Stop - Insa-dong 
10:40 Nami Island Entrance
11:40 Korean BBQ Beef & Chicken
15:00 Nami Island Ferry
15:30 Shuttle Bus Stop
18:30 Chilgabsan 칠갑산 Insa-dong
20:00 Ssamzie-gil complex

Day 3

09:30 Anguk Station
10:20 Mabongnim Halmeoni Tteokbokki (마복림할머니떡볶이)
13:00 Lotte World
18:30 Bau House Dog Cafe 
21:00 Hapjeong Station

Day 4

10:30 Anguk-Dong
10:40 Jaw Food, Anguk-Dong
11:30 Savoureux
12:30 Hanok House to check-out
14:00 Gongdeok Station
16:30 Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Korean BBQ (강호동 백정)
17:30 Shopping at Myeongdong
21:00 Myeongdong Gyoza or Kyoja (명동교자)

Day 5

10:00 IFC Mall
12:00 Burger Hunter
15:00 Namsan Cable Car Bus Stop at Seoul Station
15:30 Namsan Cable Car
15:45 Seoul (Namsan) Tower
18:30 Wang Bi Jib 왕비집 Myeongdong

Day 6

05:30 Depart
07:00 Seoul express bus terminal Station
07:30 Depart
10:00 Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (속초고속버스터미널)
10:30 Seoraksan National Park
11:00 Cable Car to Gwongeumseong
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Gangwon-do, Sokcho - cheoksan
17:00 Sokcho Express Bus Terminal
20:00 Seoul Express Bus Terminal Shopping
21:30 Pinocchio Drama First Kiss Location Korea Seoul
22:00 Yoogane Dak Galbi 유가네 닭갈비

Day 7

10:00 Porridge
10:45 Nanta
13:30 Snowflake house cafe
14:00 Myeongdong Shooping
16:00 Saba Fish
19:30 Wang Bi Jib 왕비집 Myeongdong
21:00 Lotte Mart 

A side note: this itinerary was modified on the spot while we are in Korea. There are things that somehow prevent us to follow the planned itinerary but that's part of the adventure :)

We had to let go the trip to Jisan Resort because of my Elf, she injured her knee when we were running from the enemy during the journey to the secret garden.

How much it cost for a 8 days holiday in Seoul, Korea?

What to prepare?
Booking your flight
WiFi Egg

Renting Cheap Pocket Wifi Egg in Seoul, Korea

There are many WiFi options in Seoul, Korea, you can get free WiFi especially in Seoul's Cafe's and restaurant. 

If you are concern about security, fast and convenient WiFi access, there are some options that you can consider:

1. Olleh KT WiFi Prepaid Card

Olleh WiFi zones are wireless internet hotspots at universities, cultural attractions, shopping malls,
banks and public offices nationwide in Korea provided by KT.

This WiFi Zone coverage is pretty big, almost every major places in Seoul including subway, this is the cheapest option if you do not want to depends on the free WiFi.

You can buy the ID and password online: 1 hour = 1 USD, 1 Day= 3 USD or in Seoul, Korea at G25, 7-11, CU, etc: 1 hour = 1100 KRW, 1 Day = 3300 KRW.

for more information take a look at this link.

2. KT Olleh WiFi Router Egg

KT WiFi Egg rental at 8000 KRW / USD7.5  per day (Discount 50% of rental fee per day after 11 days)

There is a counter at the Arrival Hall Airport.

Try to get the KT WiFi discount coupon (discounted price 5000-6000KRW /USD 4.6- 5.5 per day) at VisitKorea Coupon page.

Email contact: can't find, Domestic 1588-0608 International +82-2-2190-0901
For more information take a look at this link.

3. SK telecom WiFi Egg / Router

SK Telecom rental at KRW 3000 /Day (Device) + KRW 5000/Day (Data).Total: KRW 8000/Day or USD7.5 If the rental period is longer than 6 days, device rental fees are free for the additional period.

There is a counter at the Arrival Hall Airport. 

This is a better option than the KT WiFi Router Egg if you don't have the discount coupon as on the 7th day onwards the rental fee is only KRW 5000 / Day or USD 4.6

Email contact: can't find. Domestic 1599-2011   Overseas+82-2-6343-9000(Press 4)
For more information take a look at this link.

4. Pocket WiFi Korea

Pocket WiFi Korea Egg, they are offering Airport pickup (someone will wait for you at meeting place in the Airport) or they can send it to your hotel / accommodation.

They are 2 types of pocket WiFi Egg
  1. Pocket WiFi Seoul
    Fee USD 3.95 per day (unlimited Data)
    Battery lasts around 8 hours
    Connection Up to 5 devices, Coverage Seoul 
  2. Pocket WiFi Korea
    Fee USD 5.25 per day (unlimited Data)
    Battery lasts around 5 hours
    Connection up to 5 devices, Coverage Nationwide (including Nami and Jeju) 
Email contact: contact@pocketwifikorea.com
For more information take a look at this link

5. LG U+ WiFi Egg

Operated by LG
Wireless router that allows high-speed data transfer via LTE
Up to 3 devices including smartphones, tablet PC, and laptops can use Wi-Fi access simultaneousl
Fits in your pocket! Your pulse! Micro-sized minimal design

LG U plus WiFi Egg rental at KRW 3000 /Day (Device) + KRW 5000/Day (Data).Total: KRW 8000/Day or USD7.5  If the rental period is longer than 5 days, device rental fees are free for the additional period.

Personally I like this WiFi Egg, this is cheaper than KT Olleh / SK Telephone. The device is nice and slim, during my Korea stay I don't have any issue using this WiFi Egg in Seoul / Seorak Mountain / Nami island. Device can last for 3-5 hours (they could also lend you and extra battery at no additional charge). 

LG U+ counter at Arrival and Departure has much lesser queue compared to SK and KT, so this is a plus especially when you are rushing on the way back.

I've also got an additional discount because I book the device in advance: "E-mail us before 3 days you come to Korea!!!!!!  You can get discount from Daily rental fee(3,000 > 1,500 won)"

Email contact: lgrental@lguplus.co.kr 

for more information take a look at this link.


1. Send them email (and book) way in advance and ask them for discount. their replies are quite slow, sometimes it can take 2-3 days for a single reply. You can try to call them but it's better to get a written confirmation.

2. look for discount coupon and compare the price. try to use Google with a keyword "KT Olleh discount" and put the search limit for a month / week to get the latest discount.

3. Print Screen your booking confirmation or print it out, just in case they can't find your booking.

4. Bring a power bank (recommendation: buy a Xiaomi power bank), in cold weather your battery will deplete faster.

5 Sometimes is better to pay more for convenient and efficient service.

6. Always check the WiFi Egg and the accessories given. Try to connect to your device as well before leaving the counter.

How to Get Cheap Travel Holiday Flight Ticket From Singapore

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Planning to travel or holiday soon? plan ahead to get a cheap ticket.

1. Find a cheap flight during a low season

Use this website hopper.com as a rough guide to check the ticket price across the season.

Enter From and To, then click view report

The website will give you a recommendation on the price that is considered as a good deal and cheapest time to go.

2. Find a cheap ticket using SkyScanner

Compare prices from different Airlines at one go at SkyScanner.com

after you find it, go to the respective airlines' website to buy your ticket. In my opinion, it's always better to buy directly from the airlines compared from third party.

3. Get a local touch by searching using a local travel agent website

I recommend Muhibbah for a local travel agent, the price might not be the cheapest but it's good to use it as comparison and they are pretty fast replying email.

Go to their website http://www.muhibbahtravel.com/

Go to airfares and click flight, you can do a search by clicking book online now.

you can also book your flight immediately, normally you are given 1 - 2 days buffer to complete the payment, they can also send the ticket to your place.

TIPS on how to get a cheap flight ticket

  1. Compared the price at least from 2 different websites + budget Airlines (nowadays budget airline can be expensive)
    Airasia.com (budget)
    Flyscoot.com (budget)
    Jetstar.com (budget) Jetstar can do a price beat: info
    Tigerair.com (budget)
  2. Include local travel agent in your search, you might find a discount applicable only in your country.
  3. Choose a direct flight if possible, it's not fun waiting in airport for 4-5 hours except if the price different is big.
  4. Do not buy from a different airline for your connecting flight. Stick to one airlines, just don't risk it, believe me.
  5. Always buy from the airline directly, it's cheaper (third party charge service fee/ handling cost) also you might get the current promotion in their website (most of the airline website has a promotion page)
  6. You can use Google search to find the current promotion
    1. use the keyword "airline name discount" or "airline name promotion" e.g cathay promotion, korean air discount
    2. click the search tools and choose the country and time frame to narrow down to the latest promotion.

How to apply Korea Tourist Visa in Singapore?

How to apply Korea Tourist Visa in Singapore?
Do you need a tourist visa to Korea? check this visa exemption for more info

Only foreigners residing in Singapore with long term visa or resident status are eligible to apply


  1. Visa application can be made in person or on behalf of the applicant (letter of authorization not necessary) on a walk-in basis at the Consulates. No per-appointment or reservation.
  2. The Korean Embassy in Singapore does not accept visa applications by post, email or online.
  3. To apply for a visa, you should provide the required documents in original & photocopy as listed below. Other documents may be requested on a case-by-case basis.
  4. All travelers, including children endorsed in a parent's passport, should submit a visa application form and a photograph separately.
  5. It takes 4 working days to process your visa. No urgent or express service is available.

What to prepare for a Tourist visa

(bring original and the photocopy)

  1. Actual passport with at least 6 months validity. (Applicant is to ensure that there is a remaining of at least ONE blank page for visa in the passport before submission. Korean Visa will not be issued for those passport without blank page)
  2. One completed visa application form with ONE piece of colored passport-sized photo. (you can also get the form at their embassy, they do provide glue as well) 
  3. One letter attention to Korea Embassy from the applicant's employer in Singapore, stating job title, salary and date of commencement, purpose of trip (issued effective within one month).
  4. For Student:  One school letter from school in Singapore to state student status and entry level/ courses enrolled.
  5. Applicant's recent last 3 months banks statement or bank passbook in Singapore, both original & photocopy.  (Note: eStatements must be certified by bank before submission)
  6. Long term pass/ Work Pass/ NRIC in Singapore
  7. One copy of re-entry permit to Singapore (applicable to SPR only)
  8. marriage certificate/ birth certificate if you are also applying for your spouse / children
*Spouses and minors may share the company letter and bank documents with the main sponsor by further providing a marriage certificate/ birth certificate to prove the relationship with the main sponsor. (Note: Certificate must be in English version only. English translated document must be endorsed by relevant Embassy before submission)


  • The visa application fees to be paid in cash only and non-refundable.
    Single entry for a stay for no more than 90 days – S$51 (Valid for 3month)
  • Single entry for a stay more than 90 days – S$76 (Valid for 3month)
  • Multiple entry visa – S$114 (Valid for 1~5years)
  • Double entry – S$89  (Valid for 6month)


  • Please use a decent and proper clothing.
  •  If you are married you can share the company letter and bank document (you need to give your marriage cert)
  • Come early and arrive at 8.45am.You can enter the embassy and get the ticket number queue even though the counter is closed. you'll have the privilage to choose your seat as well (including the sofa)
  • Bring Cash
  • To get the bank to print your bank statement, they will charge you at least $10. If you don't have the passbook for your saving, print your past 3 months bank statement from iBanking and go to the bank, ask them to authorized it for you (it's free and make sure that your name and address is printed on the statement)

How to get there?

Take a train to Newton MRT

Address: 47 Scotts Road #16-03, 04, Goldbell Towers, Singapore 228233.
The Goldbbell Towers is just beside Newton MRT (EXIT A)

Approach the guard and you need to fill in some detail in the log book

Proceed to the 16th floor, enter the embassy and take the queue ticket from the machine on the left side after you entered the door.