Belblum Navuto 2019 Stroller Review

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I can’t find any Belblum Navuto stroller review so far from Google, hopefully, this quick review could help you to decide. The Belblum Navuto stroller comes with two colors: Black and Grey. 

When I saw the demo of the Belblum Navuto stroller on the baby expo, I was amazed. The Belblum Navuto could fold by itself! I thought it was some kind of a trick and think they it will cost a bomb. 

I was wrong, I tried it (even though I failed at my first and second attempt) but it does works after getting used to it because I was too gentle. 

The single-hand operation is pretty simple, you need to press the button on the handle and give it a push, let go and see how it folded automatically. 

I put my baby (almost 13kg) and the ride was smooth compared to my 3 years stroller (Joie) which can’t hold the weight of my baby, it’s still working but you can feel the weight and it’s difficult to make a turn. 

I also like the height of the handle which makes it easier for me to push (I’m about 170cm). Take note that you cannot adjust the handle. the height of the Belblum Navuto Stoller from the ground to the handle is about 104cm. 

When I asked whether this is a cabin friendly, she answered yes. The Belblum Navuto Stroller folded dimension: when folded the height measured about 75cm from the ground, the width is about 45cm and depth about 30cm. 

For the cabin friendly for a flight this is a bit tricky. I just checked Airasia and Scoot, their cabin friendly dimension is 54cm x 38cm x 23cm. Which technically the Belblum Navuto 2019 is not a cabin friendly stroller. I'm sure that you can still bring this with you in the cabin though. 

Another thing that you want to take note is that in the Baby Expo Show specification for the Beblum Navuto 2019 Stroller, it mentioned that "Easy to carry 5.9kg lightweight aluminum chassis

With this, we straight away thing that for another 300 gram you can get a better and sturdier stroller compared to GB pockit+ All Terrain and we decided to go for Beblum Navuto 2019 Stoller. 

But when we brought home the stroller with the box, the box mentioned that the net weight is 7.8kg and we are quite disappointed because we thought that it was 5.9kg! - we will try to contact and clarify about this to Baby's Hyperstore. 

Tested and it's 7kg. 

I asked as well about the brand, where does it come from? the Salesgirl mentioned that it's a brand from Belgium. I tried to google it up but only find https://www.beblum.com.my/ (it doesn't have the Belblum Navuto 2019 version) and Beblum Singapore facebook which are under baby hyperstore

+ One-hand folding with an auto fold. 
+ Great wheel/navigation
+ Support from infant up to 20 Kg 
+ Adjustable leg extension

- Weight is 7.0 Kg 
- can't adjust the handle 
- Not made from UV protection material
- Unclear brand 

Free Newborn Baby Stuff - Freebies Sample Review

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Dear Mommy, I know the excitement to see your baby. I hope that this free sample (freebies) could help you a little bit on your journey and useful to test out some stuff before you make a commitment. the other purpose for this review on baby and Mommy freebies sample is for you to decide whether it will be useful for you. Dont just ask for sample because it's free.

1. NTUC Good Start Bundle (link)
Requirement: Families with Singapore citizen babies born between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2019 are eligible to receive the NTUC Good Start Bundle goodies!

What you'll get? 

  • Fair Price FairMily Kit (worth up to $100)
  • Free entry to The Little Skool-House Early Literacy Centre (ELC) at Downtown East (worth $180)
  • Complimentary one-year health insurance coverage for your newborn 
  • Early Experiences Matter: Mother Tongue Reader / Parent-Child Activity Book (worth $15)
  • Exclusive Birthday Celebration Packages (worth up to $149)
  • Complimentary PLus! card (worth $10 per card)
Once you register you'll receive an email institution on how to claim your freebies. 

Fair Price FairMily Kit Freebies 
I received the redemption for the Fair Price FairMily Kit to my mailbox after 2 months. you need to bring this redemption card to the selected NTUC store. 

the items are subject to change, but we received brown rice, tooth brush, canola oil, skim milk, baby wipes, Pursoft tissue, Kodomo body wash and lotion (4.5ml) and sample baby diapers. 

There's also a voucher for 900g of Aptamil included.
I'll update this blog from time to time. you can leave me a comment if you found interesting freebies for baby or mommy or even daddy :D 

Best Travel Insurance for Pregnancy 2019 Singapore

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It's very important to consider a travel insurance especially when you are going oversea and pregnant. In Singapore normally the travel insurance has a general exclusion for pregnancy or miscarriage.  

if you are currently pregnant, I believe the most concern related to travel insurance and pregnancy would be: 
  • will the travel insurance cover trip cancellation related to pregnancy condition? 
  • will I be covered during if I need to seek medical attention / emergency while oversea related to pregnancy or miscarriage? 
It's important that you read the policy wording for your travel insurance to make sure that it's covering pregnancy related. 

I did some research on which travel insurance best cover the pregnant mommy in Singapore. 

1. Chubb Travel Insurance. 

in their general exclusion, it's stated that it will not cover any condition which is, result from a complication of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage except due to accidental injury.  Means that if you happened to have a car accident which result to a miscarriage, they will cover the medical treatment for that. 

2. FWD Travel Insurance

FWD travel insurance doesn't cover the pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage and any complication arising from pregnancy condition. 

But under their Emergency Medical Evacuation: "Any childbirth or pregnancy complications, unless these complications endanger the mother’s life, or the unborn Child/Children’s
life (only if pregnancy is at six-months or more)."  to be covered under the emergency medical evacuation, the pregnant mom need to fulfill these two conditions: Endager the mother's life / child and the pregnancy must be at six-months or more. 

3. Allianz Travel Insurance 

Allianz Travel insurance under their general exclusion, it doesn't cover any medical expenses related to miscarriage or any other medical condition related to pregnancy. 

make sure that you choose Allianz Singapore, it looks like Allianz in US does cover some pregnancy related medical attention. 

4. MSIG Travel Insurance 

MSIG covers medical expenses oversea for pregnancy related illness but under the exclusion it does not cover the ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage (unless is due to an injury) and the most important point is no 8, you can't claim under this if the pregnant mother is a citizen / permanent resident of the country that you are going to visit. 

For trip cancellation, the condition: Death, serious injury or serious illness of the insured person or their family member or travel companion as long as we receive written confirmation of the nature of the serious injury or serious illness from a doctor. but under general exclusion it says "Childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, menopause or any pregnancy related conditions with exception to cover under section 11 – Maternity medical expenses overseas"  so I believe that it doesn't cover trip cancellation related to pregnancy.  

5. Sompo Travel Insurance 

Sompo (TravelJoy) only cover miscarriage caused by accidental falling with external injury or traffic accident, subject to the limits of the policy. All other pregnancy-related issues will not be covered.

6. AXA Travel Insurance

AXA covers Medical Expenses Pregnancy Related expenses during the trip. 

But it doesn't cover medical expenses related to ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage (except because of accident) 

and under their General exclusion, point 2.C. it has pregnancy related exclusion, means you will not be able to claim for travel cancellation due to the pregnancy condition. 

7. Aviva Travel Insurance

I would say that Aviva has a better cover in terms of pregnancy related medical expenses even though it doesn't cover normal pregnancy related like nausea etc. But for me personally, my concern is more towards an emergency medical coverage such as miscarriage, bleeding, etc.  

 And Aviva does cover the trip cancellation because of pregnancy related condition which other travel insurance doesn't.

take a note that for 12b trip cancellation for any reason, you need to purchase the policy within 7 days after you bought the transport ticket / hotel booking. and the trip cancellation for any reason only applicable for Plus category and Prestige.

another fine print: your pregnancy related issue is only claimable if you are 28 Weeks or below. during trip.


I like Aviva with the coverage for the Emergency Medical Expenses related to the pregnancy and trip cancellation because of the pregnancy related issue, which I don't see in other travel insurance in Singapore so far. so if you are below 28 weeks (at the end of your trip) my first pick would be Aviva and buy the travel insurance policy within 7 days after you bought your ticket. 

second pick would be AXA if you are in the third trimester, yes it doesn't cover the trip cancellation related to pregnancy but at least the policy has a coverage for medical expenses related to pregnancy (exclude some condition like miscarriage). 

I hope that this would help you to decide with travel insurance to pick during your pregnancy. 

This post is updated on 7th February 2019. I suggest that you always check the travel insurance wording policy before buying travel insurance as it may change any time, If you've other insurance that you want me to review please leave it at the comment.

Mercedes Benz Museum Review Stuttgart Germany

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Mercedes Benz Museum Review Stuttgart Germany
Mercedes Benz museum located at Stuttgart, Germany. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only museum in the world that can document in a single continuous timeline the more than 130 years of auto industry history from its very beginnings to the present day.

If you are a fans of car and around this area, don't forget to visit the museum. It will take about 2 hours or more if you are going to read every single piece of information.

They even have a Formula One car in the parking lot not only one but few!

I'm myself is not that really fan of cars but I do appreciate them, I believe even if you are not a fan but someone (perhaps your Husband) insisted you to go here just come a Long. The audio guide is great and the history along with the original document just amazed me.

You could spend hours! if you are going to read every single document and history, it will take hours.  Looking at those documents instead of pictures has a different impact certainly.
The audio guide (free for rent) is kind of extension from the written label if you want to deep dive into the information, it's children friendly as well (take a look at the last option on the device).

The Mercedes Benz museum has nine levels and covering a floor space of 16,500 square metres, the museum presents 160 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits. It's a very large museum!

It's all started from going up with this futuristic looking lift.

It's even more futuristic looking when we arrived at the ninth floor and yes that's a horse.

It's all started in 1886, the world’s first four-wheeled automobile. going through from the past to the future and seeing the evolution of the automobile was kind of fascinating.

it's amazing how human were able to transform from horse and cart to an auto machine, there were also able to transform from simple design to a complex design such as truck, firefighter, bus, etc.

on every floor, you can see the showcase, showing different type of automobile in that particular age.

I didn't know they produced bicycle as well.

On every floor, there's a resting place and a dock to take snapshot of the next floor. Going from top to bottom in a spiral was brilliant and apart from it's easier for the knee, it does convey the timeline of the history very well.

Those racing cars are beautiful, even those "old" Formula 1 cars somehow has kind of a mystical aura around them and I couldn't stopped looking at them.

you really need to prepare few hours if you want to maximize and read those history, honestly I enjoyed this place more compared to the Porsche museum. If I had to pick between those two, I would choose Mercedes Benz Museum.
let me end it here with my favorite car replica from the shop, I would love to have this but too bad the price is way too expensive.

auf wiedersehen Stuttgart :)