Belblum Navuto 2019 Stroller Review

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I can’t find any Belblum Navuto stroller review so far from Google, hopefully, this quick review could help you to decide. The Belblum Navuto stroller comes with two colors: Black and Grey. 

When I saw the demo of the Belblum Navuto stroller on the baby expo, I was amazed. The Belblum Navuto could fold by itself! I thought it was some kind of a trick and think they it will cost a bomb. 

I was wrong, I tried it (even though I failed at my first and second attempt) but it does works after getting used to it because I was too gentle. 

The single-hand operation is pretty simple, you need to press the button on the handle and give it a push, let go and see how it folded automatically. 

I put my baby (almost 13kg) and the ride was smooth compared to my 3 years stroller (Joie) which can’t hold the weight of my baby, it’s still working but you can feel the weight and it’s difficult to make a turn. 

I also like the height of the handle which makes it easier for me to push (I’m about 170cm). Take note that you cannot adjust the handle. the height of the Belblum Navuto Stoller from the ground to the handle is about 104cm. 

When I asked whether this is a cabin friendly, she answered yes. The Belblum Navuto Stroller folded dimension: when folded the height measured about 75cm from the ground, the width is about 45cm and depth about 30cm. 

For the cabin friendly for a flight this is a bit tricky. I just checked Airasia and Scoot, their cabin friendly dimension is 54cm x 38cm x 23cm. Which technically the Belblum Navuto 2019 is not a cabin friendly stroller. I'm sure that you can still bring this with you in the cabin though. 

Another thing that you want to take note is that in the Baby Expo Show specification for the Beblum Navuto 2019 Stroller, it mentioned that "Easy to carry 5.9kg lightweight aluminum chassis

With this, we straight away thing that for another 300 gram you can get a better and sturdier stroller compared to GB pockit+ All Terrain and we decided to go for Beblum Navuto 2019 Stoller. 

But when we brought home the stroller with the box, the box mentioned that the net weight is 7.8kg and we are quite disappointed because we thought that it was 5.9kg! - we will try to contact and clarify about this to Baby's Hyperstore. 

Tested and it's 7kg. 

I asked as well about the brand, where does it come from? the Salesgirl mentioned that it's a brand from Belgium. I tried to google it up but only find https://www.beblum.com.my/ (it doesn't have the Belblum Navuto 2019 version) and Beblum Singapore facebook which are under baby hyperstore

+ One-hand folding with an auto fold. 
+ Great wheel/navigation
+ Support from infant up to 20 Kg 
+ Adjustable leg extension

- Weight is 7.0 Kg 
- can't adjust the handle 
- Not made from UV protection material
- Unclear brand 
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