Porsche Museum Germany Review

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Porsche Museum Germany Review
The Porsche Museum located next to the headquarters of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen,. Be inspired by over 80 vehicles on our 5,600 square metre exhibition area.

if you are a fan of Porsche, this is a "must" place to go. You'll love the car and the beautiful design of the building.

One day I'll drive a Porsche. How about right now? some selectio of the car: the 911, 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, Panamera, Macan or Cayenne. Start from EUR 99 for 1 hour / 100km (check out this link for the rental price), but you better book online, we wanted to rent one but it was fully booked.

Please take note: the museum closes on Monday.  Opening hour Tuesday - Sunday 9AM - 6PM, sometimes they close on Sunday too.

Admission price will be EUR 8 for adult and EUR 4 for children inclusive the audio guide, you'll get 25% discount if you visited the Mercedes museum, the discount also applied if you visited Porsche museum then Mercedes museum.

please check the opening time and price over here. one more tips, if you are planning to listen to the audio guide, bring your own headphone / earphone.

The museum is not that big, it's only two floor. If you just go through them without the audio guide / reading the description you can finish it under one hour.

From the lobby, visitors ascend a spectacular ramp to the entrance of the spacious exhibition area, where they can gain an initial overview of the impressive collection.

There's a special section where you are allowed to get inside the car, the rest of the car are restricted.

Simulation, it's pretty crowded and it's pretty attractive section for the children .

My conclusion as you move through time in this museum you'll appreciate the history about the engine and design. they are all just beautiful, you'll end up thinking to buy one or two model from their souvenir store.

Porsche wine, really? I wonder whether it tasted like Porsche. You can find a lot of the model at the Porsche museum souvenir store with a different scale. The replica of six boxer engine looks beautiful, if I've an extra space at home surely this one will go to that space.

Hungry? Near the ticket counter you can go to the "Boxenstopp" to have your meal.

You can find pasta, grill and salad at this place.  I would say the price is within the normal range.  it's good that they don't have that much selection so you will not spend so much time choosing your food.

The salad was huge, with the additional chicken breast it's more than enough for lunch. the taste is pretty plain without any dressing, they'll give you some olive and basil oil

I love the currywurst, sausage and fries are just perfect. the sausage it's fried but it's tender inside, the mix between tomato and curry powder just perfect.

One last comment about the museum, instead of a conventional static exhibition, as a living automobile museum, the Porsche Museum presents numerous special exhibitions on specific topics or meaningful anniversaries. As a result, exhibits are changed on a regular basis and visitors always find something new to discover.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-300ER SQ326 Review

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Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-300ER SQ326 Review
Singapore Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-300ER SQ326 from Singapore to Frankfurt short review.

This is the new SQ (Singapore Airlines) Business Class in the Boeing 777-300ER, with darker shade of brown. SQ 326 is an afternoon flight from Singapore, 1:55PM and arrives in Frankfurt at 8:30PM.

The seating is sure smaller than the old business class, but it still big enough for most of the people. the 28-inch seat was handcrafted from Scottish leather and diamond-stitched.

At the side of your head you can find the charger and storage for your phone or other small items. the light above is serving a double purpose as stand / hook for the headphone.

Dining table and small storage, you can find your headset in this storage. storage is less than in the old business class but normally I store everything inside of my bag anyway so it didn't bother me.

They don't use the BOSE headphone anymore which is a shame. Singapore Airlines Business class is using Phitex as their new headphone. Their Advanced active noise-cancellation technology doesn't seems to work, BOSE was much better or the one that I had was broken, I should've asked for a replacement that time.

Comfort level is on par with BOSE headphone, I wear this for 3-4 hours without any comfort issue.

1st drink after you are on-air and warm peanuts. The remote control was improved, less button and with touch screen control. You can still watch your movie at the screen and check the flight info from the remote control screen.

The new SQ business class seats offer two new seating positions: the lazy Z - cradling position that ensures your weight is centered and balanced when you’re sitting down, and the Sundeck, a lounging position that extends the base and foot of your seat so you can stretch and rest your legs on the ottoman.

It's pretty nice to have this addition, extra option certainly helps especially the lazy z position, perfect position to watch movie. I like the button to control on/off TV is pretty useful as well, when I'm tired I can simply push this button without the remote control.

Reading lights, dining lights and buttons to control them.

My seat was 11K - I was lucky enough to get this seat, it's a bulkhead seat with extra leg room, the space feels a little bit bigger than the other SQ business class seat.

18 Inch HD LCD for the screen, I'm quite happy with the screen except that you can see cables and wires just below the LCD screen.  There's a gap there which apparently is needed so that you can tilt the screen up and down but just wondering, seriously they do not notice the cables and wires on that small visible gap?

Sorry for the quality of the pictures but as you can see, you've a lot of space for your leg. Book earlier if possible and grab this seat at 11K / 11A one of the best seat in the business class.

the 28-inch seat transforms into a 78-inch bed when you’re ready to turn in. Fully-flat with a cushioned headboard for greater sleeping comfort, complete with linen, duvet and pillows.

If you are about 170 cm and below, this is just enough to lay flat without bending your knees. It's comfortable and I like their idea (I don't mind that I've to turn the bed manually) to have 2 different sides of the seat one for seating and the other for sleeping.

Final conclusion,  for me personally there're things that I dislike (including the price) but Singapore Airlines still hold the best business class compared to Cathay, Lufthansa or Etihad. The seat, entertainment (movie selections), meal and service are still the best as for now.