How to Get Cheap Travel Holiday Flight Ticket From Singapore

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Planning to travel or holiday soon? plan ahead to get a cheap ticket.

1. Find a cheap flight during a low season

Use this website hopper.com as a rough guide to check the ticket price across the season.

Enter From and To, then click view report

The website will give you a recommendation on the price that is considered as a good deal and cheapest time to go.

2. Find a cheap ticket using SkyScanner

Compare prices from different Airlines at one go at SkyScanner.com

after you find it, go to the respective airlines' website to buy your ticket. In my opinion, it's always better to buy directly from the airlines compared from third party.

3. Get a local touch by searching using a local travel agent website

I recommend Muhibbah for a local travel agent, the price might not be the cheapest but it's good to use it as comparison and they are pretty fast replying email.

Go to their website http://www.muhibbahtravel.com/

Go to airfares and click flight, you can do a search by clicking book online now.

you can also book your flight immediately, normally you are given 1 - 2 days buffer to complete the payment, they can also send the ticket to your place.

TIPS on how to get a cheap flight ticket

  1. Compared the price at least from 2 different websites + budget Airlines (nowadays budget airline can be expensive)
    Airasia.com (budget)
    Flyscoot.com (budget)
    Jetstar.com (budget) Jetstar can do a price beat: info
    Tigerair.com (budget)
  2. Include local travel agent in your search, you might find a discount applicable only in your country.
  3. Choose a direct flight if possible, it's not fun waiting in airport for 4-5 hours except if the price different is big.
  4. Do not buy from a different airline for your connecting flight. Stick to one airlines, just don't risk it, believe me.
  5. Always buy from the airline directly, it's cheaper (third party charge service fee/ handling cost) also you might get the current promotion in their website (most of the airline website has a promotion page)
  6. You can use Google search to find the current promotion
    1. use the keyword "airline name discount" or "airline name promotion" e.g cathay promotion, korean air discount
    2. click the search tools and choose the country and time frame to narrow down to the latest promotion.

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